Will You Be Upgrading To iPhone 5S?

There has been so much talk about the cheaper iPhone that people have forgotten about the real thing. Click here for more information about Techwitty Ventures I’m talking about the iPhone 5S. Apple is going to launch the next iteration of the iPhone within a couple of months, and one of the most important question looms. Are you going to be upgrading to the iPhone 5S once it is released?

If you think Apple is not going to launch the next generation iPhone within a couple of months then you are surely mistaken. Apple will launch the next iPhone with the public release of iOS 7. Like it has always done in the past. So you can be pretty sure that iPhone 5S is going to be released soon. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. The real important thing(s) for the iPhone 5S are the features. What features will the iPhone 5S have?

An artist’s depiction of the iPhone 5S/6.
Whenever you are about to buy a new smartphone, you look at many factors such as the technical specifications, design and brand, after all smartphone these days are quite expensive! Especially when it comes to the iPhone, the price is a big factor as Apple has a price skimming strategy; charging a premium price for a product. So whenever Apple is about to launch a new iPhone, you have to consider your wallet too. Unless you are super rich.

Not everyone is going to jump on the iPhone 5S bandwagon – many people actually care what new features are packed, instead of simply buying it because of the Apple logo.

Currently not much has been said about the “new exciting” features of the iPhone 5S. But somethings are bound to improve such as the camera, which will be improved from 8mp to 12mp. iPhone 5S is also expected to pack a new fast A7 processor to compete from the likes of Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One. Another one on the list of features is a dual flash.

Although these are not all the features of the iPhone 5S but according to leaks and rumors, these are the “big things”. Now let’s take a look at whether to upgrade the current iPhone to iPhone 5S.

A leaked iPhone 5S shows that the design will almost be similar!
Is it seriously worth shelling out so much money for the features that are mentioned above? I don’t think so.

Although the team here at Maypalo will be upgrading to the next iPhone no matter what specifications or features (we have our own reasons), but is it worth spending so much money on a phone for the average person? Especially when the features are not mind-blowing.